Aquaviva is a Life+ Information & Communication project with a goal to raise awarness on freshwater biodiversity issues. One of the methods how to measure the level of awareness is also by performing a survey. Therefore we prepared a survey based on Eurobarometer survey, performed in 2007 and 2010, which will enable us comparison of our results with Eurobarometer results. We performe the survey at different events, where we present project Aquaviva. Results will be available after the end of the project.

Meanwhile you can also participate in the survey. Just below there is a short survey. If you already participated in it, you can see the results. 

Have you ever heard the term »biodiversity«?

I've heard of it and I know what it means. - 100%
I've heard of it but I do not know what it means. - 0%
I have never heard of it. - 0%

Total votes: 3
The voting for this poll has ended on: 30 Sep 2014