Project Aqualutra

Where Western Europe goes hand in hand with Eastern Europe, where the Mediterranean Sea incises the most in the southern edge of the continent, on the sunny side of the Alps, Slovenia lies. Formerly the northernmost Republic of Yugoslavia became independent in 1991 and in 2004 joined the European Union.

The most remote region of Slovenia is Prekmurje, lying in the extreme northeast of the country beyond the river Mura. Its northern part is Goričko, which begins on the left bank of Lendava and borders to Austria and Hungary. If Slovenia is a hen, then Prekmurje represents its head - and Goričko its "brain". In the heart of this hilly landscape, furrowed with streams and brooks, lives a viable otter population (Lutra lutra), which is the subject of our research and conservation efforts.

In 2004 the European Commission approved funding for a 4-year LIFE-NATURA project entitled AQUALUTRA: Conservation of otter population in Goričko - Phase 1 (LIFE04NAT/SI/000234), designed by LUTRA, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage, applied by the central municipality of Goričko, Gornji Petrovci. All about the project course and results you can read in the report of the project for the public (Layman's report).

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