Be ambassador

We are often not aware how important biodiversity is to us. Even more, it is becoming obvious that it is playing crucial role in our lives. Therefore it would be right to repay its services in at least equal value. And since biodiversity cannot stand for itself in our human world, it needs us. Therefore we invite you to join the otter and become ambassadors of freshwater biodiversity!


Feshion designers Urška and Tomaž Draž

Urška in Tomaž Draž (foto: Primož Predalič)Draž, fashion designers of knitwear, found the inspiration for the award-winning collection named Diatoms, at the exhibition The Wonders Revealed River, which was exhibited in the spring 2013 in Ljubljana. They ushered the diversity of tiny diatoms into the world of fashion, and thus the idea of ​​interconnectedness of our lives with water and nature, the inexorable urgency to respect living creatures that surround us and assure us a better life. We thank them because they become ambassadors of biodiversity of inland waters.