The HSE Group (Holding Slovenske elektrarne) is the largest Slovenian organisation in the area of power generation and is the largest producer and trader with electricity on the wholesale market in Slovenia. The hydropower plants, thermal power plants and a coalmine united into a single brand name – the HSE Group – together produce a large share of electricity in Slovenia; together with supply of electricity, which includes a combination of different sources, we play a crucial role in supplying safe, reliable and quality provision to domestic customers.

Since its conception onwards, HSE is the driving force of the Slovenian power industry. With constant growth and expansion into European markets, we are an equal competitor to the largest and the best in the field. Our activities principally comprise the area of energy and environment management as well as controlling the associated processes and risks.





In accordance with Government Act of the Republic of Slovenia of February 3rd, 2012 the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia was combined with the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia on part that concerns the environment. Consequently, the name of the ministry has been changed into the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of the Republic of Slovenia.

Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment performs tasks in the areas of agriculture, rural development, food, environment, plants, wildlife, water management, mineral resources, veterinary medicine and animal science, forestry, hunting, fisheries, safety and quality of forage and of food with an exception of dietary supplements, food for special dietary or medical purposes, food in catering industry, institutional food establishments, food establishments at work and areas of environment and climate change.

As a competent authority for the LIFE + Programme in Slovenia ministry promotes the development of new LIFE+ projects and assists in the preparation. Ministry is also co-financier of approved projects.